Client Testimonials

Very good lawyer, friendly, honest, and gives advice to the point. He got my immigration case approved. I am in the US because of him. Thank you Adityabhai for everything you did for me.

- Naresh P.

The most noteworthy characteristic is his tenacity in handling a case. He has great follow-through with excellent response time. I highly recommend him.

- Anonymous

I would highly recommend Mr. Surti. He helped me with my case and got a better outcome than expected. He guided me very well throughout and was very supportive. He and his team are very responsive and efficient.

- Calvin P.

Aditya helped us with the selling of our house. From the get-go, it was a pretty smooth experience. Aditya took the time to explain the process when I initially approached him, do's and don'ts. He was always reachable and kept us up-to-date throughout the process.

- Pratik R.

A true resolute attorney for the client's cause. Mr. Surti honestly explains the full process, and the pros and cons of the legal matter to the client, giving cogent clarity to the client. He has immense patience to explain and answer every question of a client to the fullest satisfaction of a client's concerns and queries.

- Sushrut A.

Mr. Aditya Surti and the Surti Law firm has helped us (me and my husband) at every step in our journey through Green Card and Citizenship. This is the best lawyer and team you can ever get! They are prompt at responding to emails, phone calls for any request you may have for your case. We found it easy to set up appointments with Aditya Sir and during our conversations each question was answered with great detail and no question was left unanswered or vague. They maintained full confidentiality and dealt with our case in great detail. They are easy to reach and connect. Mr. Surti’s advice is clear and concise and he is an extremely seasoned lawyer! If you ever need a lawyer, this is definitely the one you need to reach out to!

- Anonymous

Aditya is a very knowledgeable and passionate lawyer. Not only is he professional but will give you honest guidance. He is one of the few lawyers out there who wants to help people out rather then make money out of them. He genuinely cares about his clients and will treat them like his family. He helped me with my divorce case and despite being out of state, he made sure to answer all my questions and concerns in a timely manner (even during odd hours). Also, he speaks Gujarati which was a huge plus for me and my family as it was easier to communicate. I highly recommend his services and team to anyone seeking a good lawyer.

- Vishwa S.

I went to Adityabhai's office for my wife's green card case. My wife did not have papers and we have two children born here. I was without hope. All lawyers we went to told me it is not possible to get a green card here. Adityabhai was the first person who told me there is hope. As I know him through my brother-in-law whom he also helped for immigration, we trusted him. He filed papers for my wife and the case lasted for more than a year. My wife just got her green card without leaving the US. For the last 12 years, my wife and I lived in constant fear that: what if my wife got deported? Today, I can have peaceful sleep. Today, Adityabhai is not just our lawyer but like our own family. Thank you for everything Adityabhai and his staff is always very cooperative; Nitinbhai especially. Once again thank you all for your help.

- Dilip P.

I have used his services and am very highly satisfied and recommend him to everyone. He studies the case on a personal level and communicates with the client very well on every step of the case. He is very supportive.

- Jinal P.

Aditya bhai was really helpful throughout my journey. He always listens to your problems and addresses them correctly. And the staff of the firm is also very kind. I personally recommend Aditya bhai for any legitimate concern.

- Darshan S.

Aditya Surti's law office is a great place for your legal immigration-related work. Aditya’s specialty in naturalization and the immigration process helped my parents a lot to get U.S. Citizenship. He is very calm, smart, knowledgeable, and cooperative. I would highly recommend him for the immigration and naturalization process. Please contact directly Mr. Aditya Surti, I am sure he will give you very good suggestions and guidance. Thank you so much again Aditya for all your help and support for my parents. Really appreciated!

- Nil P.

Aditya is an incredibly attentive and thorough attorney. His knowledge of immigration law is vast. He made sure that all my documents were in proper order and complete. He attended to all my questions patiently and answered them with the best of his ability. Aditya is able to both comfort and alert his clients while maintaining admirable professionalism.

- Purvish D.

He is the best lawyer. I talk to him and he gives the best advice.

- Shailesh P.

Aditya was very helpful in making a home purchase process very smooth and easy. He even helped us with early closing as we wanted to move in earlier than the contract date. They worked diligently to have a smooth closing. Although we have hired only for home buying, when we approached him for another friend who had some family emergency situation, he offered free service. He is a great professional but with humanity. I'm planning to continue to work with him next for immigration service.

- Udhaya S.

Mr. Surti helped us tremendously throughout the process of green card filing. Upon a recommendation from a friend who had previously hired Mr. Surti, I reached out to him and explained my situation. He patiently answered all my questions prior to starting the documentation. It took us more time than expected to get the green card due to COVID-19, however, Mr. Surti guided us through everything, kept us informed, and was honest about the process. I would 100% recommend him!

- Harpuneet K.

I would highly recommend Mr. Surti Aditya. He got my criminal charge dismissed. No fines, no court costs, and no probation. Very supportive attorney. Well-skilled and adept at handling things properly. He guides pretty well and is highly professional. Never hesitated to answer any questions, always responds to my phone calls or emails. I'm thankful for Mr.Aditya's expertise and guidance.

- Vani

I highly recommend Attorney Aditya Surti. He is a very knowledgeable, attentive, excellent communicator & professional who truly works for you.

- Tanmay P.

I want to thank Aditya Surti and his excellent Team that handled my real estate needs with grace and total professionalism. Aditya and his Team were excellent right from the beginning of signing my contract till closing. The way he handled my needs with the seller and seller's attorney and get it a smooth close. He was in communication with all, the leads seller's attorney, title agency, and loan officer. I really appreciate him for all his efforts in completing the transaction. I would definitely recommend.

- Ram M.

Perhaps the thing that impressed me most about Mr. Aditya Surti was nothing was "Sugar Coated." He was very straightforward and told me what to expect each step of the way. Going through the separation and divorce from start to finish, Mr. Surti kept me informed of each step and what the options were, no empty promises were made just to keep the client happy, which I know sometimes occurs when seeking counsel. The rapport and guidance was outstanding at all times, prompt, timely and open for calls and quick updates, and worked through all of the questions and issues on this case. Friendly environment. All team members are very nice.

- Bhumika P.

I am very grateful for the help I always receive from the lawyers Aditya Surti, Devarshi Bhatt and Nitin Pandya. Since 3 years ago I have needed their services and as always the service exceeds my expectations. At any time I need them they are always available to help quickly and have a high level of professionalism. Give them a chance and you’ll be a lifetime member with them. Amazing personality and professional ethics.

- Doni S.

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