Middlesex County, New Jersey Cohabitation Agreement Lawyer

There are increasing cases in the United States where people choose live-in relationships without the obligations of wedlock. Cohabitation agreements are helpful to all such people who want to stay together with no intention of marrying, as they can set a framework for what will happen with certain assets and other important issues, should they ever choose to separate at some point. If you’re considering drafting a cohabitation agreement with your partner, please don’t hesitate to contact a knowledgeable cohabitation agreement lawyer from the Law Offices of Aditya Surti, LLC.

What Can You Include in a Cohabitation Agreement? Ask Our NJ Lawyer.

You can address a wide range of concerns in a cohabitation agreement, which is why you and your significant other should ask yourselves several questions about drafting your agreement. Just some of the things you can address in a cohabitation agreement are as follows:

  • How property, such as real estate, assets held in bank accounts, etc. will be divided, should you choose to separate in the future
  • The extent to which each partner will contribute financially to daily expenses
  • Who will receive certain properties, should one of the partners pass away
  • The type of settlement/payment plan the financially dependent partner may receive, should the couple decide to separate indefinitely

How Do I Execute a Cohabitation Agreement in New Jersey?

For any document to be considered valid and enforceable in the eyes of the law, it must meet certain standards. If a cohabitation agreement does not follow these standards, it won’t be able to protect a couple’s property and legal interests, should they ever decide to separate or one of them passes away.

For a cohabitation agreement to be valid in New Jersey, each party has to be represented by a separate counsel, and it is mandatory for each of them to make fair disclosure of their property and assets in the agreement. Every cohabitation agreement must be in writing. Each party must also enter the agreement voluntarily, and there must be no evidence of coercion or deceit in signing the document. Once the document is enforced, each party is bound, by law, to abide by its terms.

Contact a Cohabitation Agreement Lawyer Today

If you would like to draft a cohabitation agreement with your significant other, you’ve come to the right place. The Law Offices of Aditya Surti, LLC is prepared to guide you through each step of the process. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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