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No geographical boundaries can bind or restrict roles, rights and responsibilities of parents. Also, no court or law of any country can ignore this fact. Hence there are laws and provisions in different countries to protect parental rights.

In New York, New Jersey and any other state of United States, there are well stated legal procedures and law that supports you as a parent regarding your child custody rights. If you are staying out of US and want to recover your child custody rights who is living in the US, you can take the help of court to recover your child. These laws can also apply to a parent living within the United States and want his / her child to relocate in the US, who is currently living outside. You can also prevent removal of your child from the United States boundaries if the other parent is doing it against custody and visitation rights.

If your child is in the US and you wish to seek its custody rights, promptness in procedures is one big advantage as any delay in filing a case shows negative effect on your concern about child custody seriousness. There can also be other collateral legal issues especially related to child’s living habitat that matters if you do delay in filing a case.

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