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Child support is basically the contribution from both parents in case they opt for divorce and get separated from each other. In this case the law of New Jersey, United States says that both parents have to contribute up to their best for the development of their child and hence it is called child support. Which parent will contribute how much is often the matter of hot discussion and disputes for parents as often one parent feels that the other one is not supportive enough in child support.

There is a well-defined calculation formula that decides which parent will contribute what. This calculation is based on the below mentioned predefined factors:

  1. Deciding the fair income of each parent
  2. Deciding taxes and deduction from this fair income amount
  3. Combine this after deduction income amount from both parents
  4. Depending on the income ratio, they split the child support amount. If both the parents are earning almost equal amounts, the support amount will be 50 – 50% for both the parents

These four are basic major steps involved in considering the child support amount and load on each parent. However, there are other many such factors which come as a part of this calculation and that one can do with the help of an expert advice of a lawyer.

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