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Child support is basically the contribution from both parents in case they opt for divorce and get separated from each other. In this case the law of New York, United States says that both parents have to contribute up to their best for the development of their child and hence it is called child support.

Which parent will contribute how much is often the matter of hot discussion and disputes for parents as often, one parent feels that the other one is not supportive enough in child support.

Normally, mothers struggle to maintain the same lifestyle of her children after a divorce or separation. Major points of concern can be:

  • Either of the parents has large investments in foreign countries.
  • One or the other parent is self-employed and it’s difficult to calculate his fixed income per month or year
  • Either of the parents is suffering from some major health disorder

Violation of the child support agreement or contract is a major offense here in the United States. It is mandatory for both the parents to fulfil all conditions of child support contract. If in case any parent does not support the contract terms and conditions properly, the other parent has full rights to take support from the New York court to get said child support.

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