What type of visa is an O-1?

O-1 visa

An O-1 visa is an employment-based visa that is strictly restricted to extraordinary individuals with remarkable abilities in a specific field. O-1 visas can be difficult to obtain as you must show a demonstrated record of excellence and achievement. However, if you prove your exceptional abilities, you may be granted to work in the United States under the O visa. If you believe that you are an extraordinary individual and may qualify for an O visa, reach out to a devoted New Jersey Immigration Lawyer who can help you through the intricate process.

Who can acquire an O-1 visa?

An O-1 visa is a nonimmigrant visa that is only available for individuals who are extraordinary and have exceptional abilities in a specific field. If an individual has astonishing abilities in the field of science, art, business, education, or athletics, they may be qualified for an O visa. If you’re a talented individual, your profession may require you to travel. The O visa allows remarkable individuals the ability to work in the U.S. If you have exceptional abilities in the fields of science, education, business, or athletics you may obtain an O-1A visa. If you have exceptional abilities in the arts, you may obtain an O-1B visa. Nonetheless, if you are an extraordinary individual you may apply for an O-1 visa. Although they must show proof of their sensational abilities. They must have three of the required components to be eligible for this type of visa:

  • received high wages for services in your field
  • documentation of nationally or internationally recognized awards or prizes for excellence in their field
  • played a significant role in making an original contribution to their field
  • belong to an association that requires outstanding achievement
  • played a vital role in the success of a prestigious organization
  • published or had articles written about them in a scholarly or major media publication
  • acted as a judge in their field

Individuals must have three of these components achieved to be eligible for an O-1 visa. Additionally, O visa holders can bring their families and support crew along. The O visa allows extraordinary individuals to bring anyone who supports and influences their work. However, essential workers must acquire an O-2 visa. This temporarily allows them to work alongside the extraordinary individual in the U.S. Family members on the other hand must acquire an O-3 visa to temporarily remain in the U.S.

Is an O-1 visa permanent?

An O-1 visa is temporary. Individuals who obtain an O-1 visa can stay in the U.S. for three years. Once those three years expire, they can be renewed in one-year increments. An individual can request a renewal numerous times as there is no limit. It will be determined if you need more time to accomplish what you came to accomplish. A request for renewal or extension can be requested six months before the expiration date of the current O-1 visa.

If you believe you are an extraordinary individual with remarkable abilities in a specific field that could qualify you for employment in the U.S., contact one of our skilled and trusted team members who can assist you through the intricate process.