What to know about immigration interviews?

immigration interview

Immigration interviews are extremely important as they allow U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officers to verify individuals’ information as well as determine their eligibility for adjustment in the U.S. During an immigration interview a USCIS officer will ask individuals pertinent questions about their life. Individuals are expected to answer these questions honestly. If all goes well, the individual’s application may be approved. However, individuals may fail their immigration interview because of avoidable mistakes. If you need help preparing for your immigration interview, contact a trusted New Jersey Immigration Lawyer who can help you succeed. 

What are the “do’s” and “don’ts” of immigration interviews?

To ensure an individual’s immigration interview goes well, individuals should:

The Dos

  • Be prepared. Individuals need to prepare for their meeting beforehand to complete the interviewing process. Individuals must show up to their meeting with all pertinent documents and forms. Individuals should know the information on their documents extremely well.
  • Listen. Individuals need to listen very carefully to the questions being asked by a USCIS officer. Individuals should refrain from answering questions that were not asked. Individuals may step on their toes by relaying irrelevant information.
  • Interpreter. Individuals should bring an interpreter if they do not have a good understanding of English. This can help them understand the questions being asked and help a USCIS officer understand what an individual is replying to their questions.
  • Dress code. Individuals should dress accordingly, This means they should wear something appropriate and suitable for the meeting. This means individuals should dress conservatively and professionally.
  • Directions. The USCIS office will give specific directions about the interview regarding questions and answers. Individuals must adhere to the directions given.
  • Time. Individuals must show up to their meetings on time. If an individual does not show up on time, it could make the USCIS officer believe this is not important enough to them.
  • Hire an immigration lawyer. Individuals should hire a lawyer who can help them prepare for their immigration interview.

The Don’ts

  • Argue. Individuals should never argue with a USCIS officer during their interview. Individuals should simply ask for an explanation. It is also important to never argue with a spouse or family member in front of a USCIS officer during an interview.
  • Patience. The immigration process can be extremely long and tedious. However, individuals must remain patient. If an individual loses their patience with a USCIS officer, the interview will not be successful. Individuals must remain patient when speaking with a USCIS officer, meaning they must answer all questions asked of them.
  • Questions. The main reason individuals get interviewed is to answer pertinent questions that will help a USCIS officer verify an individual’s information as well as determine their eligibility. Individuals must answer all questions asked of them. If they refuse to answer questions, they may lose their chance of adjustment.
  • Jokes. Individuals should avoid making jokes or being sarcastic when answering important questions. Individuals may find making jokes makes them feel more personable, however, when it comes to serious matters, individuals shouldn’t joke about serious subjects that could disqualify them from adjustment.
  • Lie. Most importantly, individuals should never lie to a USCIS officer. Individuals should be open and honest about their information.

If you are worried about your immigration interview, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our skilled and qualified team members. Our firm is committed to helping our clients pass their immigration interviews.

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