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New Jersey State laws do not guarantee the right to bear arms even though the residents of New Jersey are still accorded that right under the Second Amendment. New Jersey state strictly regulates people who can carry a gun, the kind of gun and also tracks where it was bought.

New Jersey state considers possession of certain weapons that pose to be dangerous to the society as illegal. A permit to these prohibited weapons and devices will not be issued. These prohibited weapons are further divided into groups and possessing weapons that belong to certain groups may result in a bigger crime. The charge is higher for more dangerous weapon.

Second kind of weapons offence could be possession of weapons with an illegal purpose to commit a crime. The intensity of the charge is dependent on the kind of weapon possessed.

Degree of ChargeWeapons PossessedPrison Time
Second Degree Firearms, explosives or destructive devices with the purpose to use them unlawfully against the person or property of another. 5-10 years
Third Degree Any other weapon for the purpose to use it unlawfully against the person or property of another. Upto 5 years
Fourth Degree Imitation firearms for the purpose to use them unlawfully against the person or property of another. Upto 18 months

The third kind of weapons offence could be possessing weapons without a license or permit. A person can be charged a third or fourth degree of crime depending on the weapon possessed without a permit. Also, even if someone holds a permit to a weapon, there are certain places like schools, possessing a weapon or even an imitation weapon would be considered as a crime.

Finally, people who have previously committed a crime or who had been committed to a mental hospital, are not allowed to possess a weapon. If such people are found to possess a weapon regardless of whether they have a permit, then they might be charged with 4th degree crime.

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