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The Q-1 visa allows people to come to the U.S. as a part of designated international cultural exchange program which provides practical training, employment, and sharing of the participants’ native culture, history, and traditions with the people of the U.S. There is no cap on the number of visas issued under this category each year.

Admission on Q-1 visa will be granted for the length of time the program lasts or up to a maximum of 15 months, with extra 30-days to depart the U.S. No extensions are granted and at least a year must be spent outside before re-entering the U.S. on Q-1 visa.

U.S. employer will also need to demonstrate that it actively conducts business in the U.S. and operates a program that serves international cultural exchange purposes and is open to the public. Further it has to show that it will be employing the Q-1 visa holder for a role that involves sharing the person’s culture, such as its attitude, customs, history, heritage, philosophy and/or traditions and will offer and pay the Q-1 visa holder wages and working conditions comparable to U.S. workers performing similar tasks in the same geographical region.

Spouse and unmarried children under the age 21 years may come to the U.S. with the Q-1 visa holder, on Q-3 visas.

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