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According to the New Jersey State Law, sexual assault is the legal term for rape that is any sexual activity with a non-consenting individual or, depending on circumstances, even sexual activity with individuals who do consent. This is a severely punished crime under the state law. The law covers a different range of sexual contact and levels of force or intimidation.

In New Jersey, sexual assault can be considered as a second degree crime or a first degree crime depending on aggravating factors present in the case. The first degree crime is known as aggravated sexual assault. Regardless of the crime being aggravated or not, the implications to it can be serious. The people convicted to this crime often fall under “Megan’s Law”. People falling under “Megan’s Law” are subjected to community notification and their names are added to a national sex offender registry. This conviction can never be expunged. Hence, sexual assault charges should be taken as a highest priority and should not be ignored. Person who is charged with sexual assault or aggravated sexual assault should call an attorney before answering any questions from the police, or from anybody.

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