We represent you with a VISION
Beyond your LEGAL NEEDS

– Ishwar

Energetic, Enthusiastic, Honest, and Dedicated to the Client’s Cause
“I had hired Aditya to help five of my non-English speaking relatives to get U.S. Citizenship. When I first went to see him with all my relatives, he appeared to be a very intense person; asked us a lot of questions that I thought were not necessary. He then took some time and analyzed each case and gave us an idea of what he thought should be the best strategy. Before having a consultation with him, I had contacted other attorneys and they were all offering me a free consultation. This guy did not have a free consultation policy, but there was something in the way he presented himself that convinced us to spend the money at least for the initial consultation. Let me tell you something – this guy is expensive, but it is worth each and every penny that you’ll spend. He charged me for the consultation, but he took three hours analyzing all of the five cases in detail and gave us a roadmap of how we should pursue. All my relatives decided to hire him. This was seven months ago. Today all of them are U.S. Citizens, and all of them are convinced that this wouldn’t have been possible without Mr. Surti. I would highly recommend this attorney to anyone who is seeking genuine and real legal advice. At least he is not going to put you in a fantasy world like what other attorneys do.”


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