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Workers who fall under this category are:

  • Professionals with baccalaureate degree (foreign degree but no necessary experience);
  • Skilled workers with minimum two years of experience (no degree requirement);
  • Unskilled workers who have less than two years of training or experience.

Nurses and Physical Therapists under this category do not have to obtain Labor Certification.

Baccalaureate degree (Bachelor’s Degree)

Workers must hold a U.S. baccalaureate degree or foreign equivalent degree that is normally required for the profession. Along with the degree if the worker needs to be a member of the profession then he or she should have such membership.

Skilled Workers

Positions in this category should not be seasonal or temporary. The job offer must be for a permanent position and the worker must have at least two years of experience or training. The training requirement may be met through relevant post-secondary education. Any professional lacking a Bachelor’s Degree who does not fall in the professional group will qualify as a skilled worker.

Unskilled Workers

Unskilled Worker positions require less than two years of training or experience to perform and cannot be seasonal or temporary. Even if the worker has more than two years of training or experience in the occupation, if the occupation does not require two years of training or experience, the worker is deemed an Unskilled Worker.

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