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Collaborative Divorce brings a better and peaceful way of legal divorce when a couple decides to get separated and take divorce on mutually agreed basis. Collaborative divorce is a process where all negotiations and settlements are done in presence of attorneys and not before court. Thus, the entire procedure becomes faster, smoother and less stress causing.

Each spouse has their own attorney. They meet and help their clients to understand each other’s points and requirements in detail. Once this is done, they prepare a mutually agreed separation contract which is represented by attorneys before the court. The aim here remains is to reduce communication gap between a couple and understand each other’s requirement after separation.

There are three basic principles to file Collaborative Divorce:

  1. Both the parties agree in writing with each other and their respective attorney that they will not to go to court any more for the divorce case
  2. Exchange of documents and information will be honest and open between both the spouses.
  3. Any decision taken would be in the best possible interest of both the spouses and their kids.

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