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All You Need to Know About Trump’s Point-Based Immigration Plan

President Donald Trump on Wednesday supported a bill – “RAISE ACT”, which can drastically reduce legal immigration to USA. The current employment based visas would be replaced by a point system. The point system is very similar to that used by Australia and Canada which involves awarding points to potential immigrants based on broad categories. The highest point-getters would be distributed the visas first out of the annual 140,000 visas available, under this system. If the Congress approves the bill,

Law Offices of Aditya Surti, LLC

No Immediate Arrest Under Dowry Harassment Law: Supreme Court of India

With the growing misuse of anti-dowry harassment law, the Supreme Court of India has ordered to set up family welfare committees in every district and arrests to be made only after verifying the authenticity of the claim. The anti-dowry law was introduced in 1983 to protect the women from abuse by relatives. However, every year more than 10,000 out of 1 lakh complaints of dowry harassment are found to be false (data by NCRB, 2013). This makes the anti-dowry harassment

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